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Lucio Garofalo
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Photography has always played an important role in my journalistic work, and during my years in the U.S. this aspect was an especially key component. Over the years, my photographs have been shown in solo exhibitions in Italy and North America.  

On behalf of the Boston Society of Architects I performed a long-term photographic study culminating in the show From Art Deco to Modern: Images of a Transition in Boston Architecture presented at the headquarters of the prestigious Boston institution.  

Again, while in Boston I was engaged by the Society of Preservation of New England Antiquities to document landmarks of the city and the works to preserve them.  In 1987, several of my photographs were acquired by the Centre Canadien d’Architecture in Montreal and are now part of the permanent collection.

In 1988, the Boston Council for the Arts and Humanities awarded me a grant to document the Southeast Expressway. The resulting work, a 16 mm B&W short film accompanied by B&W photographs, was exhibited in the Boston City Hall for two weeks.

Today I continue to use photography and consider it an essential part of my profession as journalist and communications professional, whether the images are published in print or online versions of magazines, journals or books.

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